This toddler swing is made from solid oak. I made this swing for my grandchildren and I can assure you it is plenty strong. As you can see in the pictures, the seat of the swing stays level at all times. The uprights are 1" X 1" with galvanized pipe running through to the hanging eyes. The seat is also secured by galvanized pipe which is then plugged with 1" oak dowel. The seat is glued and held in place by 3 wood screws. The tops of the screws are plugged to protect from rusting. If safety is an issue for you, you can't go wrong with this swing. Ropes are not included with your purchase. If you prefer powder coated chain we can sell you the amount of chain you will need to hang the swing.






ABOVE: My Granddaughter - Layni
BELOW: My Grandsons - Tristan & Hayden 
My Daughter -Jill 

 PRICE: $75.00 (Shipping not included )

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