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This is a swing and A-Frame that I built for my good friends Paul & Shirley Clark. Paul came to me with an idea for this frame and we went from there. At first I thought he was a little crazy for wanting such a big A-Frame for his swing. But after we got it built and sat in a swing hanging from the frame I was sold on it. Because I've had many requests for A-Frames I've decided to offer this A-Frame system for my customers that just can't live without one. If you've ever sat in a short A-Frame, you know that the experience of the ride is somewhat less than satisfactory. Well, there's a reason for that; short hanging chains make for a horrible ride. The longer your hanging chains, the smoother the ride. So, here's the deal. This (for now) is going to be the only A-Frame system we are going to offer. As seen in the above pictures the A-Frame is 10 feet tall. The top beam is 12 feet long. I am thinking about building a top beam that is 14 feet long in order to accommodate a 7 ft. swing, but I haven't accomplished that yet. The swing in the picture is a 6 ft. swing. You can see that half-way up and near the bottom of the swing we have reinforced the leg spread with 2" X 4" spreaders. These spreaders have been "lap-joined" in for aesthetic value as well as strength. We also added drop spreaders from the top beam to the mid level spread for strength and to make the frame sturdier.

This particular top beam is two (2) 2" X 8"'s with a 3/4" plywood spreader in between. This is a very strong design and allows easy adjustment for the hanging eye-bolts positioning.


The lumber we are using is treated lumber. The legs are 4" X 4" with two 2" X 4" spreaders that are lap-jointed. The upright riser is 2" X 4" attached to the top beam and the mid level spreader.

This picture shows the construction of the top beam placement and the way we secured the top beam to the legs. The top beam itself is bolted into the legs (as shown) and also sits on the top spreader for support.


Since this is a new product, I'm still working on getting all the logistics and pricing worked out. But, if you just have to have one now I'm going to price this A-Frame at $500.00. Now, here's the issue that has always caused us trouble with A-Frames - SHIPPING. Because the units are big and bulky they cost a small fortune to ship. The last A-Frame I shipped (before prices went up) cost me $185.00. This unit ($500.00) and getting it crated ($100.00) and shipped to you ($185.00) will cost you $785.00 - Crazy, huh?

Okay, well, I'm also going to offer you the plan set. I don't like doing this because when you sell a set of plans you also sell your intellectual property. I will just have to trust my customers not to pass the plans on to their friends......the honor system, so to speak. The price for the plans - $79.00. That's a lot cheaper than the shipping and crating cost and I'm sure you can find a craftsman in your area to build the frame for you. Or, if you are knowledgeable in woodworking, you may want to build it yourself. Either way, you get a good sturdy A-Frame.

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